Popular Cross Tattoo Designs For Christians And Non-christians

One of the popular tattoo designs nowadays are the cross tattoo designs. Many tattoo seekers who want to express their spirituality through their tattoos have cross designs on top of their list. And no matter what religion you have, whether you may be Christian or Non-Christian, there’s sure to be a cross design perfect for you.

The toughest part in getting a tattoo is not having to face the physical pain that comes with the actual inking, but in deciding which tattoo design to choose. Because it will be a permanent tattoo, it’s no wonder why individuals spend a lot of time thinking about which tattoo design to finally get.

When it comes to cross tattoo designs particularly, there is a wide assortment of designs to choose from, which could confuse you even more. There are Celtic crosses, gothic crosses, tribal crosses, and many more. To guide you with your journey to getting a tattoo, below you can find some options for cross tattoos.

Christian Cross Tattoo Designs

A popular Christian cross design nowadays is the Latin Cross. This is the most basic and simple cross which features a long vertical line intersected by a smaller horizontal line at about 1/3 of the vertical line. For this design, a wooden appearance is recommended, although you can always go for your own ideas. You can also choose to customize your cross by adding praying hands and wings, birds, and statements written across banners.

Another option is the Cross of Triumph, which is similar to the Latin Cross design, only that it has a large circle at the base with an inverted T outline inside the circle. This signifies the universal success of the Gospel all across the world.

The Crucifix is also a popular choice especially for those of the Catholic faith. It makes use of the Latin cross design with the image of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Another version of the Latin cross is the 3-Step Cross, where from the bottom of the cross are 3 steps signifying a pathway of faith, hope and love.

Those are some Christian cross tattoos that you can try. You can also do more research on the Russian Orthodox cross, the Tau Cross, Celtic cross, Anchor cross, St. Andrew’s cross, Maltese cross, and many more. With all these options, you’re sure to find the perfect cross for your tattoo design.

Non-Christian Cross Tattoo Designs

For Non-Christians, a popular cross design is the Greek cross, which features an equilateral cross symbolizing the god Anu and the sky. It has also been linked with sun-worship throughout the times.

Another option is the Chinese cross, where the cross symbol is very much related to the Chinese ideogram for “earth.” The Ankh is also a popular choice, which was well-accepted in ancient Egypt and extending up to now. This is often found in ancient tombs and represents eternal life.

These are just some of the Non-Christian crosses that you can try. There are still many others, such as the Aztec cross, Gothic cross, the Tau cross, Gammate Cross or swastika, and many more. Dig deep into these cross tattoo designs and consider all your options first before deciding on one.